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The reason for my insanely long list and nothing specific as to who made what... Is I have a lot of brushes and textures and I couldn't tell you exactly who made what when I'm making them and posting... so here is a general credit to everyone. Thank you for everything.


peak77// PureJorja// JFO// BillyP// Texan Charm// // Jorja All Around// CSI-CSPS// Beyond Imagination// Modern Day Gallery// Tex-tures// Square Pretties// Aquired taste// celestial-star.net// sweet100x100// tragic_icons// xshoot2thrill// gothic_mischief// 9thaquilo// becircen// marre// darknumb// 77words// paintmy_heart// vert_gazon// g_a_fanatik// sloppy_drunk// spiritcoda// wash_when_dirty// xswaniconsx// tipsiturvi// amnicons// hires_hotties// shoqolad// 9thaquilo// GSRFan// starlit_designs// iluvpoto// toybirds// ohfreckle// xshoot2thrill// faintscribbles// dead_x// loveicon// eveningwalk// shoqolad @ distractiions// millepetit// irenic_icons// urbanstrokes// fedor_morkvo// inkaddict// ohhepburns//xsleepingswanx// shoqolad// sir//houseforlife// heygingersnap// faintscribbles// runningawayy// no_delusion// vintagexmodel// haudvafra// sir// michelnoz// xshoot2thrill// sterre// enael// fade_out// kissme_myfool// xswaniconsx// shoegal_icons// wonderland__// lautjuh1// kissncontrol// 9thaquilo// ohfreckle// dearest// microcake// clumsy_colors// flybutterfly24//innocent_lexys//offbeat_upbeat// _01010101// kekoah// spiritcoda// madika555// shoqolad// cooloring// graveshiftcsi// Tokyo// love_higher_law// capturedtaxi// ch4ndler// xxaibaxl0v3xx// zenni// secret_vision// peclaire//lasirius// automaticxheart//charlieandi//evastefania//vol4itca// offbeat_upbeat//lookitsnancy//cielo_gris//<"lj user="daylight_rose">//killabarbie// hgx// aulxdayz
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