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12 January 2008 @ 04:47 pm
I usually like to do these at least twice a year. Once at the beginning and once in the middle. So...


It's not because I hate any of you. I just need to know who on my flist is still interested in staying on as an LJ friend and who doesn't... and who simply stopped using their LJ. I've had a load of friends added within the past few weeks... and I would like to kinda keep an idea of who is who and tidy up.


If you want to stay on: Simply comment and let me know that you would like to stay friended.

If you don't want to stay on: Either post a comment saying so or not post at all. Your choice.

Those who I haven't friended back... All you need to do is kinda introduce yourself to me, list two things that we have in common and I'll friend you. Remember, just because you friended me, doesn't mean I friended you, unless you posted in the friending post :) I don't keep track of people who add me. But I do like to know WHO I am friending.

If you DON'T comment: You will be automatically De friended when I do the clean up. Chances of me adding you back unless you re-friend and re-comment in the friending post... not a chance.

For those of you who have friended me for my art... You've probably noticed that I don't actually POST my art here. I may mention that I have made some stuff in random posts, by 100% of the time... It's over at my art LJ butterflycolour friend that LJ instead, if all you're here for is the art.

Sorry I hate doing these and I know I sound like an asshole... but I am at the point where I don't know who is who and I need to reorganize myself. I'm also doing tags right now too. YOU MUST COMMENT BY THIS COMING SATURDAY. So in a week.

Thaaank you :)


ADDED: WOOOO TAGS DONE!! *falls over* Now I need to come up with money for my user info pictures... they expire in 4 days :S I hate that I had to cut work down for school :(
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18 December 2007 @ 06:57 pm
Thank you to. ssg_gsr & iconraven for the lovely cards. Ann... YES I am a perv I get it :P.

My last batch went out today. My biggest batch! Enjoy.

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06 September 2007 @ 10:26 pm
Here it is, the friends cut *wipes forehead*

The list of people who were CUT/ UNFRIENDED.

alias_chic, bekkapate, bluebells_, britland, coco_cats, csijorjamarglvr, dawn_xx, dielikethestars, dragonlp86, elisabeth_grace, fancywater, fruit_fusion, homicide_barbie, houdoushi, jerrya, leenat, lovableactress, mandalay87, messedupchances, moira_fae11, missy_myra, mooquackingcow, obfan4ever, omaetoy, opal_mood, out_of_ur_reach, pepsi_boyfriend, pirate_jimbob, quinnykins, radical618, rosangie, spooky_queequeg, sweet_jorja, taintedxdesire, tatteredjbear, tessa_vermeulen, tinga13, trekkiegurl, untapdtreasure, willowsmarika, wntr_is_brkn, xviolent_posex

Sorry, you have either been cut you a) Haven't comment on my journal in a long time, b) Haven't updated since like the 1st of August, c) DIDN'T comment to the friends cut post and/or d) We just don't talk.

Feel free to friend back, but you need to drop a comment on the friending page.

THOSE OF YOU who have me friended, but I haven't friended you back. You need to leave a comment HERE


SORRY if I defriended anyone who commented on my post, I was going quick, just drop a line here and I will refriend ya :D

*falls over*
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02 January 2007 @ 02:57 pm
This Journal Is...

Welcome to my JOURNAL. ;) I'm a pretty private person (most days). Post with TWO things we have in common.
Then I'll Consider it. =-P
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11 December 2006 @ 10:22 pm
Chart for csiicons100
Claim: Woman of CSI.
Fandom: All Three (Miami,NY & Vegas)

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11 December 2006 @ 01:05 pm
This is pinned up here for me more than you. So new entries are below :-)

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13 March 2006 @ 10:00 am
The reason for my insanely long list and nothing specific as to who made what... Is I have a lot of brushes and textures and I couldn't tell you exactly who made what when I'm making them and posting... so here is a general credit to everyone. Thank you for everything.


peak77// PureJorja// JFO// BillyP// Texan Charm// // Jorja All Around// CSI-CSPS// Beyond Imagination// Modern Day Gallery// Tex-tures// Square Pretties// Aquired taste// celestial-star.net// sweet100x100// tragic_icons// xshoot2thrill// gothic_mischief// 9thaquilo// becircen// marre// darknumb// 77words// paintmy_heart// vert_gazon// g_a_fanatik// sloppy_drunk// spiritcoda// wash_when_dirty// xswaniconsx// tipsiturvi// amnicons// hires_hotties// shoqolad// 9thaquilo// GSRFan// starlit_designs// iluvpoto// toybirds// ohfreckle// xshoot2thrill// faintscribbles// dead_x// loveicon// eveningwalk// shoqolad @ distractiions// millepetit// irenic_icons// urbanstrokes// fedor_morkvo// inkaddict// ohhepburns//xsleepingswanx// shoqolad// sir//houseforlife// heygingersnap// faintscribbles// runningawayy// no_delusion// vintagexmodel// haudvafra// sir// michelnoz// xshoot2thrill// sterre// enael// fade_out// kissme_myfool// xswaniconsx// shoegal_icons// wonderland__// lautjuh1// kissncontrol// 9thaquilo// ohfreckle// dearest// microcake// clumsy_colors// flybutterfly24//innocent_lexys//offbeat_upbeat// _01010101// kekoah// spiritcoda// madika555// shoqolad// cooloring// graveshiftcsi// Tokyo// love_higher_law// capturedtaxi// ch4ndler// xxaibaxl0v3xx// zenni// secret_vision// peclaire//lasirius// automaticxheart//charlieandi//evastefania//vol4itca// offbeat_upbeat//lookitsnancy//cielo_gris//<"lj user="daylight_rose">//killabarbie// hgx// aulxdayz
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